Main Industries

We connect our customers with manufacturers that best meet their manufacturing requirements.


A niche industry for us, the Aerospace arm of our business is comprised of a multitude of customers and suppliers. As this industry continues to grow and change, we take great pride in representing those at the forefront of this constant shift.


Our "bread and butter" which the company was founded on. This has always been our main industry and to this day, that has not changed. Our deep roots into the auto industry has allowed us to provide unique advantages to our customers to give them that needed edge.


Recently this has become a major component of our business. With the ever present need for safety in this world, we have been able to adapt the same principles we have used in the auto industry. Our customers enjoy that experience, brought to this new industry by us.


The last of our major industries, like the others, the Medical field is constantly changing and improving. A major focus on research and prototypes has allowed us to grow this portion of our business into a major contributor to our long-term success. We look forward to continued growth within this industry.

Services Offered

We connect our customers with manufacturers that best meet their manufacturing requirements.

CNC Machining

Billet and Castings: Manifolds, Cylinder Heads, Blocks, Housings, etc. Small to Large Parts. Screw Machine + Turned Components: Valve Seats, Spacers, Spools. We can meet any CNC needs.

Injection Molding

Housings, Instrument Clusters, Interior and Exterior Plastic Components for Automotive, Computer and Medical Applications. Need it fast? We specialize in "quick turnaround" Product to Market.

Tube Fabrication

1/8" to 3" Diameter
Brake Lines, Fuel Lines, Oil Cooler Lines, Exhaust Tubes, Assemblies, etc. We serve all industries requiring customized tubing.


Aluminum Sand and Die Castings, Gray Iron and Ductile Iron. Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Manifolds, Covers, Housings, etc. We represent multiple foundries to meet your casting needs.


Small To Medium Size Stampings serving all industries. We have access to a wide array of presses ranging from as little as 70 ton up to 1200 ton. Tailored products for prototyping as well.

Design Services

Product Design, Research and Development, Industrial and Mechanical Design and Engineering. A niche for us is prototypes, if you are looking for specifics to get your next project off the ground contact us today.

Crankshafts/Connector Rods

Serving all industries from automotive to farming, let us know the size and we can quote it for you. Made from Billet, Castings or Forgings, Polished, Rotating Assemblies.


Vehicle Lighting: Head Lights, Tail Lights, Side Lights, etc. We also serve industrial lighting for cost and energy savings alike to any of your offices or plants.


Vacuum Formed Shipping Containers, patented design, durable and reusable providing cost-effective and environmentally-friendly options for your shipping needs.

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