Who We Are

Pyykkonen Corporation's Mission

Representing ourselves and principals with integrity and honesty through dedication, communication and effort while supporting the various needs of our customers.

Business Activities

Pyykkonen Corporation is a strong sales firm specializing in part manufacturing: We are doing something quite unique for prototyping and low volume programs. Customers like Chrysler and GM Service have given Pyykkonen Corporation a supplier code and run their prototype and low volume programs through us (making us a one point of contact). This helps them reduce their supply base while at the same time increasing the services that are available to them. We basically want to be an extension of our customer's purchasing and engineering groups and make their jobs easier and more productive.

Background History

1962: Founded by Robert Pyykkonen Sr.
1972: Steve Pyykkonen joined Corporation
1975: Scott Pyykkonen joined Corporation
1977: Rob Pyykkonen joined Corporation
2018: Nick Pyykkonen joined Corporation

Robert Pyykkonen Sr.

Bob started Pyykkonen Corporation in 1962 after returning from the Army with a need to support a wife and 3 sons. Living in Detroit, anything related to the auto industry was certainly a great choice. The lessons he learned from the Army along with his natural talent would create a path longer than he could imagine. More than 60 years later the vision he had, lives on. He would be proud to know that his grandson is continuing the business into the next century.

Steve Pyykkonen

The oldest of the three sons, Steve was naturally the first to join Pyykkonen Corporation. A talented career lead to his true passion of machining. After many years of working closely with his father, he learned the key details of this business and decided to branch out and take on extra opportunities. While still maintaining his role within Pyykkonen Corporation, today, Steve runs a very successful business of his own, Berkley Industries.

Scott Pyykkonen

Scott began his career in 1975 and has never looked back. Following in his father's footsteps he quickly began to make his own footprint within the automotive industry. As he began to learn more and more and hone his skills, his true vision began to take shape seeing opportunities in the aerospace and defense industries. A skilled pilot in his own right, this was a natural fit for him and Pyykkonen Corporation to expand. Today he continues to bring the same discipline it takes to be a pilot, to the sales table.

Rob Pyykkonen

The youngest of three sons, Rob has been at the forefront of the lead into the next century. He has continued to bring new vision to Pyykkonen Corporation with an expansion into the Medical field. A former standout Division I basketball player at Western Michigan, he graduated and came to work for his father. After a few successful years, he continued his passion for sports, but later realized his true passion was sales. To this day he brings the same tenacity he brought to the court, to his customers needs.

Nick Pyykkonen

Growing up within the family "business" Nick has always had a natural knack for sales. His love of numbers initially lead him into a Financial Advisor/Wealth Management role. His entrepreneurial nature lead him into another direction, before turning to more of a 9-5 style career. Starting with GM, supervising an engine line, he moved back into the numbers field as a Mortgage Banker with Quicken Loans. Today, he is positioned to take Pyykkonen Corporation forward for the next 60 years.

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