Pyykkonen Corporation
A Manufacturers' Representative Agency

About Us

Background & Business Activities

Pyykkonen Corporation  is a strong sales firm specializing in part manufacturing:  We are doing something quite unique for prototyping and low volume programs.  Customers like Chrysler and GM Service have given Pyykkonen Corporation a supplier code and run their prototype and low volume programs through us (making us a one point of contact).  This helps them reduce their supply base while at the same time increasing the services that are available to them.   We basically want to be an extension of our customer's purchasing and engineering groups and make their jobs easier and more productive. 

Our customer base includes: OEM's, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Agricultural


Pyykkonen Corporation  History

1962: Founded by Robert Pyykkonen Sr.

1972: Steve Pyykkonen joined Corporation

1975: Scott Pyykkonen joined Corporation

1977: Rob Pyykkonen Joined Corporation. 

Pyykkonen Corporation's Mission

Representing ourselves and principals with integrity and honesty through dedication, communication and effort while supporting the various needs of our customers.  
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