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Pyykkonen Corporation is a  Manufacturers' Representative Agency.  Founded in 1962 by Robert Pyykkonen Senior and joined by Scott Pyykkonen (1975) and Rob Pyykkonen (1977).Over the last 48 years we have acquired World Class Principals to Represent.   We offer reliable representation of our product lines and manufacturing capabilities. 

Services Offered

We connect our customers with manufacturers that best meet their requirements.   .
Tube Fabrication
1/8" to 3" Diameter
Brake Lines, Fuel Lines, Oil Cooler Lines, Exhaust Tubes, Assemblies, etc.
CNC Machining Billet and Castings: Manifolds, Cylinder Heads, Blocks, Housings, Covers, etc.  Small to Large Parts.

Screw Machine and Turned Components: Valve Seats, Spacers, Spools, etc. 

Lights Vehicle Lighting:  Head Lights, Tail Lights, Side Lights, etc.
Castings Aluminum Sand and Die Castings, Gray Iron and Ductile Iron Castings.  Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Manifolds, Covers, Housings, etc.
Stampings Small To Medium Size Stampings for Automotive and Aerospace
Brackets Formed or Stamped
Injection Molding Housings, Instrument Clusters, Interior and Exterior Plastic Components for Automotive, Computer and Medical Applications.
Dunnage Vacuum Formed Shipping Containers
Crankshafts and Connecting Rods Made from Billet, Castings or Forgings, Rotating Assemblies
Design Services  Product Design and Development, Industrial and Mechanical Design and Engineering 
Let's make it happen! Contact us today to let us satisfy your manufacturing needs.
Pyykkonen Corporation                       Pyykkonen  Corporation
Rob Pyykkonen                                                          Scott Pyykkonen
2286 Regency Hills Drive                                                2617 Glenn Drive
Shelby Township, Michigan 48316                                    Troy, Michigan 48098

(248) 224-5195                                                         (248) 225-8511
FAX (248) 677-5451                     
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